Susan Lausevic

Owner / Practitioner
Susan Lausevic has been practising Colon Hydrotherapy for the past 17 years. She was trained in the USA and is a member of I-Act (International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy) with Advance Level certification. She is also a member of NBCHT (National Board Colon Hydrotherapy) with Instructor status. She owned a successful wellness clinic in Georgia, USA and has now been living and practising in Australia for the past 8 years.

Susan has a passion for natural wellness and passes on her knowledge as a health coach giving consultations to her clients and conducting health lectures in Australia, USA, Europe and Africa. She conducts workshops focusing on methods of detoxification, demonstrating raw food recipes, fresh juicing, green smoothies, sprouting together with the services offered at BodyPure Health & Beauty.

In 2003 Susan graduated from Atlanta School of Massage & Esthetics learning massage, reflexology, natural skin care and other spa therapies.

Susan has a passion for the health and well-being of the whole person, devoting her life to the uplifting and healing process of those who seek it. She continues to broaden her knowledge with further educational programs on health and detoxification from Australia and overseas.