About Us

About us

Welcome to BodyPure Health & Beauty. We’re so happy that you are on your discovery of health and healing. Our mission is to support you in your journey of obtaining optimal and vibrant health from the inside out by means of hydrotherapy, detoxification/cleansing programs, body wraps, massage, foot reflexology, infra-red sauna etc. Your experience is completely unique to your needs.

We are dedicated to educating all in health awareness and disease prevention through free community events such as healthy cooking classes in vegetarian, vegan or raw food dishes; Children’s hands-on healthy eating workshops and “Health for the Ageing” and other health seminars pulling in many professional health practitioners. We will keep you posted through our blogs and newsletters.

Our facility is located in the Centenary Square of the fast growing city centre of Parramatta. You’ll appreciate our professionalism and personal care—we promise! Please explore our services and read our FAQs. Our goal is to help you feel your best, safely and professionally.

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Happy Clients

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